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Here Are Few Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Senior Tax Advisor.....Irene Tryon

1. Expert advice to help lower your tax liability

2. Prompt and accurate answers to any tax question

3. Secure, online E-File with IRS and State Tax Revenue

Our firm has partnered with SmartValult who provides secure portal file sharing for thousands of CPA's, Accounting firms, banks and financial service providers.  You can securely upload and download your tax documents.  We have taken greater measures to protect your tax information online using third party bank security precautions and sharing important tips from the IRS.

You will need your: 1. Social Security Number 2. Filing Status  3. Exact Refund Amount

File your taxes online this year using our online professional tax service.

Here are 3 Reasons Why

You should use a tax expert to file your business or personal taxes.

Filing your taxes online with a Tax Expert is the easiest and safest way to prevent mistakes, avoid over paying your taxes, triggering an audit and compromising your tax information.

We make getting started simple and secure by partnering with the IRS,ID Shield and Smartvault to  help you understand the risks involved when filing your taxes online using software programs and Free Filing programs designed to sell your identity to make up for the money they loose making their online taxes free.

Click hereto learn more about ID Shield  and how to protect your identity.

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Prompt with Accuracy:  Our entire staff is trained to provide fast, accurate and error free tax services.  Over the last 19 tax seasons, we only had 3 reported clients with minor tax examination or audits out of thousands of tax returns our firm has filed.  The IRS viewed their small business deductions and only 1 client had to loose their meal deduction.

Expert Advice:  Our Sr Tax Advisor has 30 plus tax and business experience.  This includes filing, preparing, problem solving, 1040 personal return, schedule C filers and small business tax services.  Quickbooks accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and consulting services.